Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Visit to the Miner's Memorial

At the top of a hill on the south side of Broken Hill is an old mine entrance and a memorial to all the miners who died during the operation of the mine. The large building with a memorial to most of the workers was closed today, but outside there is a separate monument to two miners who are still 500 feet below the spot marked.

From the top of this hill is a perfect location to see the town of Broken Hill.

The old mine entrance, apparently opened for public tours at one one time, still stood with its elevator scaffolding.

If I were a miner, it would be obvious to me what these tanks are for, but I can only guess.

The place is kind of eerie in its silence.

The big piles of dirt and rock are a testament to the immense amount of material pulled out of the ground all loaded in the small, narrow gauge cars used for the miner's memorial. It really is hard to imagine how difficult it was to work in the heat and confined space all day (or night) only to come back above ground to a place that is frequently over 100F during the summer.

You notice that these images have an overcast sky. We wait until it is cooler to venture out for exploration. The day before this outing was 106F.