Camera Equipment in Use

Although I have included information about the camera equipment I use in several of the blogs, this quickly becomes impossible to find. I though I'd just give a quick overview of the tools I use to bring you the images on this blog and on flickr. At least it is all in one place that is easy to ignore if you don't care.

I had camera systems: Nikon D800E, Fujifilm X100s, and Nikon 1 V3. The Fuji and Nikon1 both found themselves getting increasingly little usage. In fact, between at least March '17 and '18, the Nikon 1 camera set in a box unused. These have both been sold and replaced with the modern Fujifilm X-H1 purchased in mid-April '18.
  • Nikon D800E - I use this full-frame camera for landscapes, birding, and generally anytime when there is low-light, the need for high resolution or any of the wide-angle lenses I have.
  • Fuji X-H1 - This crop-sensor camera (crop factor 1.5) has lots of whistles and bells the more staid Nikon does not. It has a wider ISO range (up to 512,000), faster shutter speeds (up to 1/30,000 sec), and more flexibility with the adjustable screen on the back. I have also learned that birding with the larger D800E is tiring with the sizeable 200-500 mm lens. It is just a bloody heavy system to carry all day. The plan is to purchase a roughly equivalent set of optics for the X-H1 to replace this functionality. This will allow me to lighten the camera bag significantly.
To hold all the heavy cameras/long lenses steady I use a Sirui tripod. The one I have allows one of the legs to the removed to be used as a monopod. I've added a Wemberly Sidekick to give me an easy to swiveled, balanced support. As I continue to transition to the X-H1 for birding, I may drop the sidekick since the weight will be much less. For photographing without the need to move around much, the tripod is great...light, steady, and easy to use and carry.

If you have questions about any particular photo, ask in the comments to the blog entry and I'll let you know.