Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The Evening Mirror

When the wind dies down and the sun begins to set on sky filled with broken clouds, the river turns to a sheet of glass and the sky to an impressionist painting.

As the sun fades into the northwestern sky, we are treated to an extravagant show of light and color. Standing on the shore of the river, it is so calm and peaceful. Even though there is still traffic noise from the nearby road, the smoothness of the river make me want to hold my breath for fear of disturbing the world in its quietude.

Looking toward the southeast put the sun at my back and reveals the illuminated hill on the far shore.

This sailboat is almost perfectly mirrored in the water and framed with the many colored clouds.

I stand quietly trying to match the smooth water and the silence of the evening. In my own way, I mirror the colors and light along with the river as I take in the glory that is the end of the day.