Thursday, July 06, 2017

South of Us

We picked a rainy day to have a drive south. There are no towns of consequence south of Huonville (which is north of us already). Just north of us is Franklin and next south is Geeveston. At least Geeveston has a grocer and pharmacy. South of that there is very little.

I didn't write down the details of where I took the photos (I always think I'll remember, but I don't), so calling this Dover is a rough approximation. As you can see from the grey, it was raining as I stood outside and made the photos.  The pano above is a done a bit piecemeal. I made a shift in the middle that was a bit too large for the pano software to deal with and it made two images with slightly different exposures. I put them together by hand after matching the exposures by eye. It isn't bad, but you can still tell where the seam is located.

The panorama below was done with the 24 mm lens so there is more distortion, especially in the ground. Yes, there is a dip in the foreground, but I don't remember it being so pronounced.

We also spied a flock of wood ducks along the shore enjoying the cold rain.

There is lots of beautiful land- and seascapes here, but it is sparsely populated. More sheep than people. Sheep photos are coming soon.