Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Yesterday we drove south and east to the Main Range National Park. There are a couple waterfalls here that are clearly much more impressive (at least at this time of year) that the Crow's Nest Fall I posted about earlier. Above is the Daggs Falls. The image is a bit dark from shooting into the sun, but it is, nevertheless, an impressive drop.

On down the road a ways, we came to an overlook and could see the beautiful clear skies and rolling hills founds here.

Then we came to Queen Mary Falls where we spent the bulk of the day. The waterfall is a nice one and well worth the short walk out out from the parking area. This 40 m drop makes for a pleasantly cool space to stand and view a very peaceful place. I could have stayed there all day.

On the walk back to the car park, we did see a nice rotting log with a deathly collection of mushrooms.

The next blog entry will show you why we spent all day here. The birds in the picnic area were great. E had an twelve bird day!