Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More From the Main Range - Wallaby!

The Agile Wallaby is found in this part of Australia, and we're pretty sure we've identified this correctly. The pictures are not the best for identification, but they do show that we've actually see a "real Australian."

This fellow was sitting at the site of the road as we left Queen Mary Falls. After a couple minutes, he just hopped away. I say "he" because there was no joey. From what I've read, the females are basically permanently pregnant. Later, we did see a female with her joey, but I couldn't get a photo.

We drove through a section of dense forest with a tree-lined road. The road here was narrow but still intended for two-way traffic. Got to pay attention to driving here.

You see that there is no line in the middle of the road. Probably because it would take us too much of the width of the road.

The farthest extent of our travels took us to Carrs Lookout. Along the way, we found a grave at the side of the road.

And an old shack.

At the overlook, we could look east to a wide valley. We were also told on a sign that we could see the headwaters of the Condamine River and the Head of the Murray Darling Basin. I guess I can't pick them out in the photo.

And so we end this series of posts with a self-portrait from the lookout platform.