Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Birds at Queen Mary Falls - II

At the car park was a tea shop and out front was lots of seed scattered to attract the birds. And boy did it! First on the list here are the rosellas and parrots. Here is the Crimson Rosella having a nosh.

These birds were very tame and we could get with a few meters of them.

Second on the list of parrots is the Australian King Parrot with his bright green feathers.

We also saw the Eastern Rosella feeding as well.

Also at the feeder was the Buff Banded Rail. He was a more skittish, but still a determined eater.

Across the road at the picnic area, we were visited by a pair of Laughing Kookaburras. Remember the wildly exotic cry used in the soundtrack to all the old Tarzan movies? Well, it is the song of this bird and has nothing to do with Africa.

After posing on the limb for a bit and cleaning his beak against the tree, they flew away.

Later, one came to sit on the ground near us and posed for a portrait.