Friday, June 30, 2017

Hartz Mountains

After lunch in Geeveston where we had a very nice pide at the local Turkish restaurant (also know as the Geeveston One Stop Supermarket and Takeaway), we headed for the Hartz Mountains. Of course, just out of town, there was another rainbow. There are cemeteries here and you will see them in the blog, but I can't resist a constant stream of rainbows. They make me smile.

After driving on a tarred road for awhile, we headed off on an untarred road and started to climb into the mountains. The road was never steep and the switchbacks were few. It was a beautiful die with tall eucalypts framing the road and ferns like you wouldn't believe lining the ditches.

Our reward was near the top where the trees receded from the road to reveal a wide undulating plane filled with small trees and plants strange to our eye. The occasional white spot you see in the photo below is the remains of snow. What an amazing landscape!

These trees alway put me in the mind of a Dr. Seuss drawing with the long bare trunks and their little fronds all poofy at the top. An alien landscape to be sure.

We could not tell if the clouds were lowering or if a fog was moving in. Our Tookishness nearly expired for the day, we decided to head back down the mountain to the land of rainbow and paved roads for the afternoon.