Monday, January 30, 2017

Menindee Cemetery

We're learning that cemeteries in the outback have more than their share of children. Menindee Cemetery is no exception.

It is really heart breaking to see so many markers for this kids.

Sometimes, there is a family marker that is difficult to decipher all the family connections and the timeline.

Some markers are direct and to the point.

And others are so simple that you must infer details. This site is framed by the metal grave fence is so small, that it is likely another child.

Of course, you can find a marker that seems to convey an interest that is not something you see everyday. If all there were placed on the site is the model pig, you might guess that this fellow was a pig farmer. But the piece of skull with the tusks sticking out to the sides suggest perhaps a hunter of wild pigs. Who knows?