Sunday, May 21, 2017

Picnic Point Beach

I wandered down to Picnic Point Beach the other day just to have a look about. I arrived at something like low tide and was able to walk out pretty far on the seaweed covered rocks.

Also at this point there is a stream that empties into the sound and makes a lazy meander across the beach.

There is plenty of wood on the beach and some of it has interesting textures.

The upended base of a tree frames the northern portion of the beach and give the place a deserted air. In the distance is where the ferry from Mukilteo connects to Whidbey Island (on the left).

Looking more directly across the sound is the north-eastern portion of the Olympic peninsula and Kingston and the Point No Point lighthouse.

Although it wasn't sunny, it was a pleasant day and nice time to visit when the number of people was small.