Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day

Mother's day really has to start with a child and in this household, there is on one that counts this year. Seamus started the day all bright eyed and happy. then came a busy round of photos.

First we get Tawnya (Nana) and Seamus enjoying a bit of cuddle time.

Then comes DIlly's turn to make silly noises at the mater of the house.

A slight change in venue gets us to the group photos. Mom and the grandmothers gathered with Seamus for a session.

Here's one of those multigenerational shots.

Jeanne was here, so we got her into the process as well. After all, she's a mom as well.

But somehow, a day all about mothers really seemed to be a day all about Seamus. And it was exhausting. When all the photos were done, he settled down for a well-earned nap.