Sunday, May 28, 2017

Home Again

The trip from Seattle went well until we got to Charlotte. It seems that the east coast had some "weather" and schedules were all akimbo. Our flight was delayed, so I go to check on other options. Since we had planned to drive from DC to Staunton and stay in a motel there, E got busy finding a new place closer to Dulles and shifting the car.

At the desk I find that other options are full, so my only choice is to arrive late. After a bit of sitting at the gate we learn that our flight is cancelled altogether. So back to stand in line while E cancels the hotel and the car. I'm prepared to find a car in Charlotte and drive to Staunton.

Then we get lucky. Seats have opened on a flight to Charlottesville. I get us booked and our luggage rerouted. Now E is busy rebooking the room in Staunton and renting a new car.

We get to Charlottesville fine but only one piece of luggage makes it on the flight. Fortunately, it is one with our toiletries. We get to our room about 2 AM and settle in for a long sleep to recover. The rest is delivered on Saturday. So finally, we have made it home with all our bits intact.

Spring in the Shenandoah Valley is green in a very different way from spring in Australia or Seattle. This familiar kind of lush vegetation brings a comfortable feeling and makes us smile.

For dinner we met the Carans for diner and immersed ourselves in life on Beverly street for the evening. So nice. Australia is fun because it is not home and all is new. Here we find the familiarity we left behind without the traffic we discovered in Seattle.

Starbucks without long lines.

Four-lane highways without wall-to-wall traffic.

No kangaroos to be alert for after dark.

No vigilance for gas stations for fear of running empty.

No koalas. No snakes. No spiders.

A good place to charge our batteries and renew old friendships before plunging once again into the "unknown". Staunton, seen through new eyes is just as special as our watercolor memories and we are glad to be here.

Just as I'm sure we'll be glad to leave when that time comes.