Sunday, April 30, 2017

And the Sun Comes out

What a difference a day makes! In spite of the predictions of constant rain all week, the sun came out to grace the day with a warm sun in the presence of a cool wind from the water. What we see is clearing over the water and clouds building over the land.

Seth and Anna took advantage of the warm day to sit by the water for a while and enjoy having Dilly on baby sitting duties.

To our left, looking south, things cleared out nicely and a sailboat cruised past.

But later in the afternoon when the sky went rosy in the evening sun, we were treated to a glimpse of Mount Baker.

As we reached the shank of the day, the colors of the sunset took over and gave the water a golden glow.

We are out by the water on an island filled with farmers, fishermen, and bearded men. I learned while here that I need to let my beard grow out. I really don't fit in here with short-cropped facial hair.

But I can sure enjoy the laid-back lifestyle.