Thursday, March 30, 2017

Point No Point

North of the Kingston ferry terminal, at the northern end of the portion of the Olympic peninsula just across from Edmonds is the village of Hansville and the Point No Point lighthouse.

Across the sound is Whidbey Island. But on the shore are lots of dead trees, apparently washed up on the shore.

The clouds were coming in for a brief shower a little later in the afternoon. this made the shoreline interesting.

Out at the point is the lighthouse. It sits on the site of the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound.

It is modest affair, not like the tall ones on the along the seacoast. You can see in the photo that the lightning rod on the top is grounded directly down the side of the building.

As the clouds continued to gather, we gathered ourselves and headed back south to Bainbridge Island.

We went back to Poulsbo to have ourselves a mug of clam chowder and some fish and chips. Boy was it good!