Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Broken Hill Airport is the largest port for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. These hard working people provide emergency and routine service for the people living where there is no other medical service.

Founded in 1928, they had to find a way for people in place with no electricity to call for help. The solution was Alfred Trager's pedal operated radio.

Nowadays, they use telephones and the latest computer technology to track the weather (which matters if you fly) and who is on call.

In the hangar were mechanics working hard to maintain the fleet. Planes are brought from Victoria and Tasmania to the mechanics here.

Amazing work these people do. There are clinics in various small towns that they visit once or twice a week to provide medical or dental help. If there is an emergency, the injured or ill people are met with a flying doctor and transported to a hospital as needed. This is a remarkable service for the people of Australia. They've saved lots of lives.

On the way home, we stopped at Bell's Milk Bar. This is a soda shop that has been in town forever and hasn't changed since the 50's. There was even 50's music playing when we stopped for a mocha.

Not quite the style you'd expect from a 50's soda fountain in the US, but clearly the place to be 60 years ago.