Wednesday, January 18, 2017

St. Kilda

St. Kilda, just on the south side of Melbourne is a hip community on the shore of the bay. Along the esplanade are a series of kiosks for the Sunday market. In one of these we find a person even more rare than finding another person with my last name - a person with Elizabeth's last name. Meet Kirsten Haworth. The pronunciations vary across the Pacific, but the name is the same. We bought one of her prints to remember this meeting.

A centerpiece of of the beach is the Luna amusement park. The entrance is priceless.

It is a place inspired by Coney Island and has been restored to retrain the character of the turn of the (last) century amusement park.

Coney Island was built in 1903 and this place was built some of the same people in 1912. When it opened the Scenic Railway was the main attraction. It is pretty amazing.

The metal and wood tracks enclose the park. You will notice that in the car on the track there seems to be someone standing in the enter. This is the brakeman.

The moorish entrance and "Mr. Moon" have been part of the place from the beginning and the combination with the Scenic Railway make it a unique place. It is now the only rollercoaster from this period still operating from this period and is the only example of one with a brakeman in the world.

The beach is small just like the waves in the bay. There are piers and lots of sailboats.

Lots of palm trees add to the exotic feel along with the amazing Luna Park and the fun market. Definitely a place to visit.