Monday, January 09, 2017

Razorback and London Bridge

One the second day of our adventure along the Great Ocean Road, we visited points along the beach as we continued west toward Warrnambool.

Our first stop was to see the rock formation call the Razorback. Above you see if in all it glory. The pictures just can't do justice to the clarity and beauty of the ocean in it many colors.

The next stop is a rock call London Bridge. Along the way, there was a stretch of the GOR that seemed to simply drive off into the ocean. In the distance, the lower, darker band is the ocean, and the higher lighter gray is the cloud bank above it. It was worth the risk of falling into the ocean to see the formations and beach.

Here we find another pristine beach with no evidence that humans have ever been here.

Except for the incessant flies, it was a beautiful and restful place.