Sunday, January 22, 2017


On the northern border of Victoria where the Murray river forms the border with New South Wales, is the town of Mildura.

Filled with palm trees, if had the feeling of a tropical destination near the ocean. Of course, here the water is the river, but the vegetation is still lush compared to the area around it.

On the day we arrived, I noted an indoor/outdoor thermometer in the window of the restaurant where we ate lunch. It was warm to say the least.

In the center of town is a large pedestrian mall with a sun screen over it.

At one end is a stage for performances. this is looking from the stage.

The fun we had was that the "check engine" light came on (again). We went to the AutoBarn ( similar to the AutoZone in the US) to seek a little guidance. They recommended the Nissan dealer. They couldn't get to it for days but recommended a small garage across the street. His equipment couldn't read Ssangyong error codes and he pointed us to the Ford dealer. These folks hooked us up to the computer and found that the problem is connected somehow with the exhaust system. While our mileage (kilometerage?) may suffer a little, it will continue running.

We've noticed that it only comes on with the engine is really hot, so maybe it is a sensor or something. We continue to drive in place where a breakdown would be unpleasant to say the least.