Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In the Outback

After our night in Broken Hill, we headed east and north toward White Cliffs. This took us out the Barrier Highway into the emptiness that is the outback.

It is difficult to imagine a more empty space.

But this space is far from empty. It is full of life. Here's an Emu and offspring enjoying (?) the sunshine. After not seeing emu for months, we have finally found where they live. This is the first of dozens we've seen. More pictures to follow.

At a rest stop, there is a water faucet. So we turned it on and the birds came flocking. These are Apostle Birds and they always seems to travel in groups.

And this handsome fellow is a Spiney-Cheeked Honey Eater. There were several of these guys having a bathe.

After a three hour drive (stretched into four with our stopping), we arrived at the city on the hill, White Cliffs.

This place will get its own entry to fully tell the tale.