Sunday, January 08, 2017

A Night on the Road

So, after a long day on the road and see wonderful sights, we arrived at our hotel. It was an interesting place but nice. What you see above is the garage. Our host met us to direct us into the garage. He noted that if we didn't close the door, the kangaroos would come sleep with the cars and they were worried about damage. Not clear what would happen if we just parked outside.

The entire building was of the same industrial style with its goth color scheme on the outside. Inside it was much more colorful, if still a bit odd: floors unfinished and walls painted in interesting streaky effects.

The floor you see below is continued inside.

In the lounge/restaurant are large windows for viewing the coastline. Nothing but farmland between us and the sea.

Out on the rear deck, there is a great view of the shore.

I tried a couple panoramas with my iPhone. For reasons not clear to me (design?), the deck has a couple struts extending out into space and one came out a bit odd in the pano. What you see is the coast, the sea and a line of clouds that forms offshore in morning and evening.

Not farm from our hotel just outside Lavers Hill, is Princetown. This is a really big place. I have photographed the entire place in the two back-to-back panos below.

There is a general store and a bar/restaurant and that's it. Main street that runs between the two establishments dead-ends into a roundabout. One way in, one what out. But the farmland surrounding the place is really beautiful and the people were very friendly.

We had a good pizza at the bar/restaurant. Australian tastes in pizza are different from what what find typically in the US. Most places will have an "Aussie" pizza on the menu. This one has egg on it. There is always an Hawaiian with pineapple. Then there is some with bacon (Aussie style, like the English style), and many with olives that pretty briney. A Margherita is usually our pick. Here, we got one with meat, mushrooms, and olives and worked around the excess in olives.