Thursday, September 01, 2016

River Heart Parklands

Ipswich sits along the Bremer River. Downtown by the river is the River Heart Parklands. In 2011, there was a terrible flood and all what you see here (except the bridge), and a whole lot more around the Brisbane area was underwater. Since then, this park was created to commemorate the spirit of the Ipswich people's ability to deal with this disaster.

On the walkway is one of the local denizens, the Eastern Water Dragon. We saw at least three of these out sunning themselves. Of course, when these reptiles come out, so do the snakes. Yikes! Time to get out the suit of armor.

A few of the bottle brush trees along the rive were beginning to bloom as well.

The main reason we went out was to take Zoe out for a walk. Zoe is our charge this week.

This little girl is very well mannered and a joy to take care of.

It was a very pleasant outing.