Friday, August 05, 2016

Toowoomba Farmer's Market

It's that one Saturday morning a month when Toowoomba has its farmer's market on the grounds of the Cobb & Co Museum. We had a bacon and egg bun and took in the wares on sale.

There were families of all sorts queuing up for food of various kinds. They brought the baby and the dogs.

And unlike the farmer's markets at home, ATM's are provided to be sure that everyone has enough cash to spend on what they choose to purchase.

I bought a mocha from a fellow who has a fancy coffee bar built into the back of his van.

By the time I bought my mocha at about 8:00 (opening time), he had already made a pile of at least 10 empty ½ gallon sized milk containers. Clearly, he was popular with the folks setting up their booths around him.

Any sort of meat was available,

And vegetables,

and avo's.

A really bright red places that sell things I can't remember.

For the connoisseurs among us, there is also Russian fudge (whatever that might be exactly) and coconut ice.

If you can't restrain yourself, there is always pizza.

But my favorite has to be the place that makes the most unusual promotion ever. This is clearly not something you'll see in the States.