Monday, August 29, 2016

A Visit to Lake Apex

On the way to Ipswich, we left the Warrego Highway, the main expressway, for a while and stopped in Gatton again. We went to Lake Apex to see what was happening with the bird populations now that spring is a little closer. The Australian White Ibis are still out in force.

We found several out in the noonday sun looking for food in the shallows along the edge of the lake and enjoying a preen to keep the feathers in shape.

These fellows even enjoy a cleaning while perched in a tree.

The Australian Wood Ducks have already hatched and are parading about en masse at the command of mom. Some things are universal.

There was also a Great Egret enjoying a lizard (don't ask me what kind of reptile this was, but I'm sure it was yummy).

And down he goes!

These pictures and more are uploaded to flickr.