Monday, June 26, 2017

Mid-Winder Celebration

After a bit of getting to know our hosts for our house/pet sit, we helped them carry things a few doors down to a party on the shore of the Huon river. This was the annual neighborhood celebration of the winter solstice with food and bonfire.

The fire was out near the river...perhaps a little too near. The river is tidal here and later as the tide came in,it came right up to the edge of the fire. Our fire was safe, but only just.

As the ind blew off and on, we occasionally got some impressive sparks.

Good people, good food and warm fire on a cold night.

As the fire burned down, getting close was important.

But we were (and still are a bit) jet-lagged and by 8:00 or so we were crashing. We left the party early and hit the sack. A suitable end to a very long journey.

By my rough estimate using Google Maps, since leaving Seattle, we've covered about 13,000 miles, the bulk of it in the last week. It is good to finally put our feet up and enjoy some silence and stationary rest.