Sunday, June 18, 2017


We've made it, finally, to the gate at LAX to catch our flight to Melbourne. The flight from Fayetteville, AR was pleasant enough but the crazies hit when we landed.

American Eagle took us to some place near San Diego  (not literally, it just felt that way) to a small terminal connected to the rest of the US by bus. After waiting for the bus for 10 minutes and then riding for 10 minutes, we arrive at Terminal 5 to collect our bags. No big deal here, they were waiting on us. Funny how our bags made the trip faster than we did.

Our flight information tells us we want terminal B. So I ask where it is. Well, we were at terminal 5, next to that is terminal 4, and after that is terminal B. Perfectly sensible, right? So we walk. it really wasn't far. We get in line to check in at Qantas and all goes smoothly.

Security took a little time, but went about as well as you can imagine in such a large airport. Then we went to look for something to eat. It had been about 10 hours since we ate last. The first place we stopped at had a young woman who just stood at the check out to season her food after taking 10 minutes to buy. WE got pissed and left.

The next place had a shorter line but wasn't any quickly really. We stuck with it this time and got an Umami Burger that was pretty good.

So now we are at the gate and the sky is dimming after sunset. there is every indication that we are on time, but there is no plane at the gate yet. There's time. No worries.

Next report from down under!