Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day!

Here is a short video from Seamus with his first gift to his 'Papa' on Father's Day. It is a bit dark, but absolutely perfect. While the str of this production is Seamus, the voice-over is done by Seth who gets the true fatherhood joy of 'post-production' recovery.

Today also happens to be our departure date. This afternoon we are starting the journey to Tasmania. We fly from Northwest Arkansas to LAX; LAX to Melbourne; spend the night and catch the ferry to Devonport; and drive to our house sit south of Hobart. We arrive at our destination on the 22nd.

Our hosts neighbors are planning a bonfire/BBQ to celebrate the winter solstice and the gradual return of sunlight. We are looking forward to a proper introduction to the 'Tassie way' of surviving winter. Once we are slightly adjusted to the local time zone, I'll start posting regularly again. Stay tuned!