Monday, April 10, 2017

Whidbey Island

Today, for our 35th anniversary, we drove out to Whidbey Island. At low tide there is a beach to see all this part of the shore.

There are stairs leading down to the water but the wind was stiff and cold and we were not inclined to make to the trip. Of course, 30 minutes later, the sun was out. Today was a changeable weather day. We read that Whidbey Island is the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains. Perhaps the rain was a bit less here today than on the mainland, but is hard to tell.

So we spent our time mostly inside doing some window shopping. For some reason, this shop is selling a stack of old drawers.

Seeing these things reminds me of the past 35 wonderful years of marriage. The saying of "something old and something blue" for weddings seems somehow connected to spending an anniversary wandering antique stores.

But there is nothing blue about our outing today. We had a good time just being together. Just like every other day. This is the great thing about retirement - just being together.

I had a tricycle similar to this one. Of course, you cannot read that the price tag says $200. I can assure you that the one I had didn't cost anywhere near that amount.

Random things keep triggering all sorts of memories. For example, the McCormick-Deering Farmall tractor connects back to the McCormick farm just down the road from where we lived for 15 years. It reminds me of my father who grew up on a farm. It invokes a simpler time when machines didn't have electronics. It reminds me of yesterday. And yesterday is what anniversaries are memories of.