Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tax Day March

We turned out with about 3500 other folks today to demand that the Orange One in the white house release his taxes. He was here in person. That's him in the center with the golden hair.

The curious things was meeting Seth's Father, Captain in the Seattle Police, when we arrived. He introduced us to the other officers there with him. Everyone was very friendly. All along the march route, people repeatedly thanked the police for being out today to monitor the event. This is a great city.

First, the crowd gathered 'round to hear some speeches in front of the federal building.

Here's a sample of the scene complete with sound. The band was playing before the speeches started.

As you can see, there are lots of signs, some of which are quite good.

As we marched down the street, we were accompanied by drummers and a band that played periodically. Here's a short video of the band passing by us along the sidewalk.

Looking back up the street behind us, you can can see the marchers spread out along the street.

Although the march went on a couple more blocks, we dropped out when we got to the Space Needle. We had a bite of lunch, found a bus route that avoided a walk back downtown, and headed back to where we parked the car.

I don't expect that this march, even combined with all the others in the country, will change the White House, but it might help add pressure to congress to so something. I don't know.