Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lummi Island

We've been silent for a week because, we've been on Lummi Island. We decided to not take our computers for a few days of (mostly) isolation. Ok, we had our phones, but it wasn't the same. We took Anna, Seth and Seamus (more pics coming soon!) and had a family vacation on an island with almost no amenities. There is a small general store and a couple restaurants that only open a few days a week in the off-season. There were birds in the sound.

Looking out towards Bellingham, we see a line of low mountains just inland from there. These hills and the clouds above them hide two very large mountains: Baker mountain, almost directly behind Bellingham from this view point; and the Twin Sisters, a double peak to the south of Baker. the fun thing is that we have a place to sit in a couple Adirondack chairs to enjoy the view (when it is visible).

The little house we stayed in was perfect for us.

The beach on the sound is all rocky and walking is tricky, but not impossible. Of course, the water is cold.

The shoreline is littered with driftwood, some of which is quite striking against the pebbly beach.

More details to follow in the coming days.