Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Edmonds-to-Kingston Ferry

Today we took the ferry to Kingston and drove south across the short bridge to Bainbridge Island for our first house sit. In the distance, you see the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula in the distance beyond the low island just across the sound. See, there is really is sunshine here once in a while.

The clouds are framing the tops of the peaks in a glorious view of the mountains. This panorama is a bit fershimmelt at the bottom because the water moves between the shots and produces odd lines. Nevertheless, the view of the mountains impressive.

As the ferry got closer to Kingston, the view of the mountains changes but the view is a good one.

Once the ferry started moving the wind on the deck outside was fierce. I had to stand back from the railing to be able to stand still enough to take the photo, hence the railing in the shot.