Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Boys at the Beach

So, we finally got some sun in the morning and I thought it a good time to grab a few shots of Barkis and Lenny (above).

Lenny is a full-throttle kind of guy that is either all the way on or all the way off. This morning, he was in a down moment on the bed. Sitting beside his ball made a nice composition.

Of course, when he is on, he's bouncing up and down, barking, and being insistent about something...usually food. Here, however, he's just chillin' and enjoying a sunbeam.

Barkis, on the other hand, is in permanent chill mode. He doesn't seem to bark unless Lenny starts first. He's really good a staring blankly at nothing. In this case, E has his attention (?) and he is just in the moment.

He is also a good model for E's hoodie.

He has a handsome profile.

And he could stare the arms off the barber's pole (or something equally taciturn).

Two good boys hanging out by the beach. We're having a good time here.