Sunday, March 12, 2017

Puget Sound

This afternoon there seemed to be a few minutes between preparing and emptying Seth and Anna's pod with all their stuff in it, so we headed to see Puget Sound at Edmonds.

There was just the hint of the clouds lifting and the fog clearing. This made for good day for taking a few photos.

The sky was dramatic, adding a lot to the view.

The island/peninsula became visible (I don't know just what I'm looking at yet) and the outline of the land was just coming into view.

But it was cold and windy out on the shore line and we only stayed a little while. But I do have proof that there are times when you can see the sky in winter in Seattle. In fact, after we got back home and the movers arrived to start emptying the moving container, the sky really cleared for a while and lots of sun came out.

The sky and the moods change frequently here providing lots of photography opportunities. It's going to be fun.