Sunday, March 05, 2017

Preparing to Fly

We have finished our house sit and are in a motel near the Melbourne Airport. We are considering a visit to the CBD but we need to spend some time finalizing our packing.

We've stored all the stuff we aren't taking with us (3 suitcases full +) in the back of the ute. Our hosts from our last sit graciously agreed to park the ute in their drive while we are gone, so we get to store our vehicle for free. This means, of course, that we are now without transportation. So tomorrow we will take the bus to the train station and the train downtown. Tonight we walked to a restaurant and we brought some food with us to cover a meal or two.

We will take the shuttle to the airport Tuesday and be on our way. We leave here about 11:15 AM and Arrive at 6:15 AM on the same day. Kinda makes you want to just stand there and watch the plane take off, eh!

We're headed home with 3 suitcases and our backpacks (mine is full of camera stuff, of course). We are ready to be back with family and friends and explore the city that will be our new home: Seattle.