Thursday, March 09, 2017

In Seattle

We've arrived in Seattle and have mostly gotten ourselves in the right time zone for being awake. This morning we were a bit fuzzy headed and grumpy, but this afternoon, things smoothed out and we did fine. Even going to bed at a proper hour, not the middle of the afternoon or night or something crazy like that.

No photos to relay today. You'll be shocked to know that it is raining. On the radio this morning, we heard that the fog was lifting to reveal...clouds. Looks like we'll get rain for most of the next two weeks if not longer. But this makes things green and lush and that's not a bad thing.

We've spent most of our time talking and getting caught up on what we've missed during our travels in Australia.  There are some crocus starting to poke their heads out in the front, so maybe I'll aim for a few photos tomorrow. Looks like tomorrow or Saturday we'll get sorted with our "loaner" car from the neighbor. He's going to sell us the car for a dollar and we'll sell it back to him when we are done. Seems like a good deal. All we need to supply is gasoline and insurance. I'm still unclear on registering a car as a non-resident of Washington, but we'll sort it out.