Friday, March 17, 2017

From the Backyard

We are taking care a couple dogs at a house sittle on the shore of Bainbridge Island. There's a doberman and chihuahua, an odd couple to be sure, but they are really affectionate.

Across the way to the near shore is a quiet little neighborhood. But in other directions, there are mosre interesting things to see.

For example, in the backyard is a swimming pool with a metal heron spouting water.

Looking back toward the southeast, there is, in this evening's oddly clear sky, a view of Mt Rainier all covered with snow. The ferry that connects downtown Seattle with Bremerton Is passing in front framing the image nicely.

After the ferry passed, I zoomed in all the way got a shot of just the mountain. According to Google Maps, this mountain is 62 miles from where I stood. It is surprising how clearly it can be seen from this distance.

Quite a view from the backyard, eh!