Monday, March 06, 2017

A Day in Melbourne

Our day out started a bit soft with some light drizzle. We took the bus to the train station in Broadmeadows and hopped on the train into town. One of our first excursions off the street when we got to town was in an arcade where we found a pyramid of macaroons.

On bourke Street we passed by the H&M and were told to "beware of vehicles".

On the other side of the street is the Royal Arcade.

And just next to the H&M is a large Myers. They always have a great set of window decorations. I found this small bit of knitting on the tree out front. It seemed to offer a nice contrast.

We wandered over to the greek section of town and found a restaurant we like for a bit of lunch. Afterwards we walked back to Elizabeth Street and took the tram to the Queen Victoria Market. Beef cheeks anyone?

This section of sausages seems to have a really unnatural color. Of course, I don't know what color to expect a spinach and pinenut sausage to have, but it doesn't look appetising.

Outside was a didgeridoo band playing some sort of modern music.

We walked back through town and stopped to have a cup of tea and coffee. A nice warm afternoon here at the beginning of fall. Great town. We'll miss it.