Sunday, December 18, 2016

Street Art Near Anstey Station

Riding into the city, I noticed that there was lots of great graffiti near the tracks. So, today we ventured out to the nearby stations to see these images up close. Here, I report on the drawings near Anstey station.

Along the rail line is a small paved path with a dividing line for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. On the walls next to this path is an endless stream of graffiti.

Most of the really good stuff had been scribbled over.

Some of it seems to have been actually commissioned.

But there are some that are really just as intended.

The bright colors make them glow on the walls.

And the color combinations are interesting.

I can't always tell what the drawing is actually of or is trying to say.

But there is certainly are plenty of impressive art here.

We stopped at two more places to have a look. Those images are coming soon.