Friday, December 02, 2016

Melbourne's St. Paul's Cathedral

We took the train into the city and when we walked out of the Flinders station, across the street we see St. Paul's Cathedral. As noted on their web page, this is the "seat of the Anglican Primate of Australia and home church for Anglicans in Melbourne and Victoria".

Looking back from across the street at the train station, we see this glorious Victorian (double meaning!) architecture.

Melbourne has both horse drawn carriage rides in the CBD as well as electric trolleys throughout the city. Access to the buses, trolleys, and trains is all done via a Myki (pronounce: my key) card that you touch in and out (similar to the Oyster card in London).

We had to wait a few minutes to enter the cathedral. There was a mass ordination of some 20 or so new priests just completing. Once inside, we could see the striking stained glass in the entry.

There is lots of stained glass all around. The windows at the front, behind the alter are seen here. My apologies for the motion blur. It is difficult to hold the camera still in the lower light.

I only brought my x100s with me so I didn't have a wide angle lens to catch the full crossing so I put together a panorama or two.

The floor is covered with an interesting tiling.

The ceiling has beautiful wooden panels creating a dark sky above the like that floods in from the windows up high.

And Just for fun, tried a panorama with my iphone. From the narthex at the top to the altar in the apse at the bottom, this covers the whole length of the building. Odd perspective, but a fun image nonetheless.

This church is built in the spirit of St. Paul's in London - not excessively ornate, but handsomely done. Well worth a visit even if they do charge $5 AU for a photography permit.