Monday, December 12, 2016

Melbourne's St. Patrick's Cathedral

Visiting the Catholic Cathedral in Melbourne was a different scale of thing all together from our visit to the Anglican Cathedral.
As you can see from this area of the crossing, this is a large structure. The good news is that, unlike the Anglican Church, there is no charge for photos.

Looking toward the apse, we see as tasteful and symmetrical a display of religion as you can imagine.

And there is a significant pipe organ. Too bad we didn't get a chance to hear it. After we left we learned that there was to be a mass starting soon and we could have stayed to hear it but other adventures called.

The aisles are long and handsome.

There were several significant pieces of silver near the altar. One was the large candlestick seen below.

There is also silver pitchers and tray seen here.

A large space to wander through. Quite inviting. I recommend this a place to spend a quite 1/2 hour out of the sun (or rain).