Friday, December 23, 2016

In Preparation for the Celebration

Another trip to the Queen Victoria Market to buy some goodies for our Christmas meal. Our meal will be a nice picnic since we are headed to the beach. Why, you may ask, are we going to the beach for Christmas? Because it is something we can't do in the northern hemisphere.

First, we just had to tour the meat and fish market again. Apparently, female pork belly, pork chops, and spare ribs are the best.

And the fish really are fresh.

It should be clear that crayfish doesn't mean the same in Australian as it does in American.

We did most of our shopping in the deli section where we bought some pastrami, salami, cheese, and bread. I hope to have more on this later.

Over in the fruit and vegetable section, we found some very fine cherries.

And something called "Dragon Fruit".

In the non-edible sales section, we found we could by hair for most any use.

Or didgeridoos.

We have a great meal collected for beach excursion. We had a great day wandering about the market gathering the bits we wanted.

After the market, we headed off to the Italian Precinct to have lunch and do some more shopping. Stay tuned.