Friday, December 16, 2016


While Montmorency has a nice shopping street, Coburg has a proper shopping district. It run along the Sydney Road through several communities.

This fellow was playing for cash and doing a pretty good job of it.

There is a Greek jeweler who seems to do just about everything.

We made a small purchase in Fat Harry's.

And this jeweler seems to sell only gold. There is very little silver of any sort in any of the windows of the jewelry stores. Folks around here really seem to prefer gold.

My Greek is rusty so I don't know what is next to the Asian Cuisine Big Belly.

Across the street is the chemist and a grill.

Also on this street is the location of the first hotel in Coburg.

I'm not really clear on what this store sells, but they take EFTPOS (Electronics Fund Transfer Point of Sale), that is, credit cards.

All along the street are more restaurants, more jewelry stores, more grocers.

Here, the corner is filled with an Italian restaurant. We've got lots of choices for good food. Well, at least interesting food. We stopped at an Arabic restaurant the other day and had a good pizza. Word is that there is a good dumpling shop just up the street.

And, of course, one the best places to stop is the Happy Living Homeware. Try to imagine the offspring of a Michael's and a Dollar Store and you've got a good start on understanding what this place is like.

the Christmas decoration section is well supplied.

One of the cross streets is a pedestrian mall with more restaurants and shopping. This woman was enjoying he lunch with some chips.

Then back across the tracks for the walk home.