Thursday, December 15, 2016

Coburg Market

We walked across the the train tracks over to Sydney Road to explore central Coburg. But first, we did a little shopping.

The Coburg Market is a great place for fresh fruit and veg. The store is laid out with the center filled with produce and around the edges are various other vendors.

Big place with lots of good stuff.

Here is a seafood vendor on the side.

A seller of beef and pork next door.

A hair dresser on the other side.

Another meat market around the corner.

And a deli at the end. Pretty much everything you need under one roof.

Below, you see fresh, right off the tree, almonds. I asked what they were and was told to take one and bite it open. So I did, and sure enough, inside is a large raw almond. Not as tasty as a roasted one by my reckoning, but good. I certainly didn't know they came off the tree this way.

I got to the fishmonger in the replenishing of the squid tray.

This is just the beginning of Coburg. A somewhat exotic array of food available for any taste here and other places in town. We'll continue our exploration in future posts.