Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Ride in the Country

Somewhere in this photo, way off in the distance, more clearly seen in person that in the photo, is the city of Melbourne. Being where you can see the whole city is pretty cool. But the dead trees in the foreground tell a different story.

This part of Victoria was ground center for the Black Saturday fires in 2009. I urge you read the information on wikipedia at the link. It is a sad and horrifying story.

Over 820,000 acres were burned and 159 people killed in just this part of the fire. The total fire was much larger and took more lives. It was the the worst bushfire in Australia since Europeans arrived. Somewhat surprisingly, the area has recovered remarkably well.

Not far from the lookout above, is a park with trails leading to Mason Falls. Down this trail is a nice, but not spectacular fall.

Nice hike in the heat, but glad to finish and get back in the air conditioned truck.