Monday, November 28, 2016

Wasp Head II

After our quick visit to the North side of Wasp Head, we drove around to the south side and found a marvelously sculpted landscape of sandstone and sea.

Here, we find strange box-like formations creating abstract art along the shore.

These interesting patterns remind me of the foundations of the Native American dwellings in the American southwest.

In places, the weathered sandstone is white and bears impressions that remind you of a foot prints.

In some spots it has an organic character as if it were some sort of fluid that flows around the beach and trails away into the sea.

Other places are rugged and appear almost man-made in a way.

And the formation is extensive. Even in the distance, you can see similar formations.

This really looks like an aerial view of pueblo ruins.

There are other, more vibrant colors in some places.

And the ocean is shaping it all.

Smaller features give smooth abstract images.

When we finished at the south side, we walked down to the end of the head and sat for a while listening to the surf.

Off the end of the promontory is an island that seems to "dot the i" of the head.

A beautiful and special place.