Friday, November 11, 2016

Tastes at the Bay

Last weekend, Nelson Bay held their annual Tastes at the Bay Food and Wine Festival. I guess the name is long to compensate for only doing this once a year.

There were plenty of people to watch and babies looking non-plussed by the whole affair.

We got a new bird even if it is not terribly exciting - the Silver Gull.

But there were magicians in the street entertaining the kids.

And folks selling food. Naturally, the real point of this is to get people to come to the business district and spend money in the local shops.

We did a little of that as well. We had some fish and chips and sat in the street to enjoy and watch people passing.

Of course, we are on the bay (duh!) and the marina was filled with boats ready to take on the sea.

Was a hot day in the sun and little bit of many things were available. Nelson Bay is an interesting place. Much larger (but still not big) than Lemon Tree Passage. We'll be back.