Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Myrtle Beach

We also visited Myrtle Beach. No, not the one is South Carolina. This one is secluded at the end of a walk through what is referred to as an enchanted forest.

The ferns, the eucalypts, and oh god, the flies! Here in the trees they are only annoying.

But by the time you reach the beach, they are off the charts bad. It is hard to breathe without ingesting one.

According to the brochure that led us here:

The sedimentary rock that forms the massive Sydney Basin, extending from Newcastle to the beaches just south of Durras and inland to take in the Blue Mountains, was laid down during the Permian and Triassic periods, between 300 and 230million years ago, while the older Wagonga Ordovician beds were created 500 to 450 million years ago. At Myrtle Beach look at the cliffs on the northern end of the beach – these are the sandstone cliffs that are the southern most exposed edge of the Sydney Basin, while the cliffs you see at the southern end of the beach are from the Ordovician period. 
So this is a special place geologically.

There were only two other people on the beach with us and one left before we did.

A great place but be agreed that the view is not worth the hike and the flies.