Friday, November 18, 2016

Gan Gan Lookout

We made another round of visiting places we had either not been to before or had not fully explored. On this list was the Gan Gan lookout just inland from Nelson Bay.

This is a 600 meter hill that is the home of several communications towers. However, on the side of the mountain facing Nelson Bay, with the towers at your back, you can see a very long ways. On our visit there were showers in the area and the clouds were great.

With a little effort stitching images together, we get a panorama that shows a broad swath of the bay the opening to the ocean.

The two small mountains/hills to the right of the image are on either side of the entrance to the bay. This bay also connects to the portion where we find Lemon Tree Passage. This peninsula of land is just to the south of the peninsula containing LTP.

It was a very dramatic scene with the clouds and the rain showers spicing up what would have been a blank blue sky the day before.

We just keep finding amazing places to see and things to do.