Sunday, November 20, 2016

FIngal Bay

Another visit to Fingal Bay on a stormy day brings a deserted beach at low tide. You can just see the sand in the distance as it stretches across the horizon from the mainland to Shark Island. It is possible to walk to the island at low tide, I suppose, if you are more adventurous than me.

A bit further around the coast is Barry Park, a nature reserve along the coast near the the bay.

A place filled with birds and, interestingly, echidna. Walking along a section of the path that is an elevated boardwalk, we heard a noise and looked down to the ground to see a short-beaked echidna ambling along mostly oblivious to us.

Of course, I only had the 14 mm lens with me for the scenic shots making the above photos heavily cropped portions of a very wide view of the ground. Nevertheless, we saw him and here's the photos.

On this side of the hill that rises behind Fingal Bay, is a small inlet with water (without the clouds over on the Bay side) that is just as blue as it can be.

This is place we need to return to for the birds, for the walk, and for the views. It is special place.

I'll just want to note that if you like flies, this is a good place for you. Australian flies are especially annoying. Think about the last time you swatted away a fly with your hand. Do you remember touching the fly? Of course not. they are fast little buggers and move the instant they sense your body motion. Here, the story is different. The flies are dogged and determined. They wait until there is a clear and present danger to move. This means that you often smack one with you hand. Yuk!

In addition, these bold fellows will land, 6-10 at a time on our shirt and ride along waiting for their turn to attack. And when they attack, it isn't just your ears or face generally, they are after. They try to fly up your nose, land on your lips (eeeww!), everywhere and anywhere.

This spot, however, and indeed many others that we have visited are rife with these pests. And they are all worth the hassle. Great place to be.