Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Boat Harbor on a Calm Day

On the same calm day that we went to Birubi Beach, we also visited Boat Harbor again. Once more the deep blue sky and sea create a special place.

There were a few people out on the edge of the rocks fishing.

They are wrapped up, not because it is cold - it isn't at all - but to protect from the sun. And even though the breeze is not strong, it is steady and it will work on you spending a day with the wind in your ears.

Without the surging waves, this scene is one of smooth rocks and clear water. To see just how clear, we look a little further to the right.

It is just a salt water bathtub filled with life. Amazing.

Even in the deeper water, it is still clear as a bell.

I could visit these places every day and see a different mood and expression of the sky and sea. This part of the NSW coast has some special places. I look forward to seeing more in our travels.