Monday, November 07, 2016

Birubi Beach

We are in a place filled with beaches and we have finally had a chance to visit a few. Some of these we will certainly visit again. Among those we've stood on so far, the most amazing and impressive by far is Birubi beach.

 It is a very wide and long beach and it that were all, it would be pretty impressive. But there is much more there. Near the main car park is a toilet/changing room and a small restaurant. From this vantage the beach to the left is rocky.

But in the other direction, it just seems to go on forever. With some little imagination you can see New Castle in the very far distance. That is nearly 60 km. In the near distance is a parasailer and a groups of kids dressed in pink learning something...maybe how to surf.

Off to the right, the sand just goes on and on. There are camel and horse rides to hire. You can go on a dune walk or a 4wd dune tour. You are on an enormous spit of sand edged by this azure blue and turquoise ocean that shapes and defines the landscape.

Further around to the right, the view is dominated by huge billowing clouds of smoke from an out of control bush fire. This fire is about 20 km from where we are living and roughly 25 km from this beach.

On the rocky end of the beach, nearest the small town of Anna Bay, we find soft sand and rocks that shape the way the water wears the beach.

By stacking eight photos, we get the softer rendition of the beach and rocks below.

This is wonderful place. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, so we are already thinking of heading back for breakfast by the sea.

In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.                     Rachel Carson